SMT Tactical

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Get A Grip!   A Comfortable Feel and Great Racking Action with the CQR Fore Grip. 

Designed for the civilian market as well as Law Enforcement and  the Military, this is one of the most rigid and compact grips. The design is based on the progressive design of the FN P90 bull-pup rifle. A well-made, tough, and lightweight compact ergonomic grip at a very reasonable price.

Mounts to the bottom picatinny rail. 

Red or Green Laser Sight 650nm & Tactical Light

These are professional units suitable for military and law enforcement weapon light use. They are tough and well made, made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, they will stand up to repeated shocks from recoil without any issues. They are lightweight and compact enough to not throw off the balance of your shotgun, rifle or handgun.