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Tune-able Compensator for our Your AR-15

Latest offering from SMT-Tactical. A fully "Tune-able" Compensator for the shooter who is a perfectionist. This COMP, constructed of 4140 Steel is designed to allow you to perfectly tune your AR for the very best performance. The purpose of the compensator is to allow the rifleman to customize the exhaust gas flow coming from his rifle. This exhaust gas can influence the rate by which the rifleman can re-establish his aim point, and in a life or death situation, time is everything. Every AR-15 will shoot differently depending on many factors, but the exhaust gas has the most impact on re-establishing aim point; therefore, it is advantageous to be able to direct those gases in a direction that best suits each individual shooter. Ten ports allow you to customize your rifle to your exact standards. Kit comes with Compensator, lock-washer and Allen Wrench. Matte Black Oxide finish. 2" Length, 1" OD

Current Price $31.95