SMT Tactical

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NEW - SMT Tactical has  just introduced their Barrel Nut Wrench for the newer 6-slot barrel nuts on the most recent  using the best design, this wrench makes contact with all 6 slots, not just 3 slots like some wrenched do.

SMT Tactical offers the See All Open Sight, the first of its kind in open-sight shooting technology. It’s the only open sight that allows the shooter to see both the target and the sight element in perfect focus, simultaneously -- a clear upgrade from iron sights.

NEW - SMT Tactical has introduced a new product for owners of the Kel-Tec KSG tactical shotguns, new Tactical Version of it's Choke Adapter /Muzzle Brake.

New from SMT Tactical; the Trulock Hunting Chokes, The Deerstroyer and The Predator.

New from SMT Tactical; the Trulock Muzzle Brake, KSG Choke Adapter and Barrel Nut Wrench Kit.