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SMT Tactical's New Melee Pyramids

The Melee Pyramids take your KSG to the next level of defensive weaponry. Replace your existing ammo tube caps with these and your KSG can provide you with an additional level of protection. Made from 4140 Pre-Hardened steel and Black Oxide coated, the Melee Pyramids adds a dimension to your KSG that has not been offered before.  The Pyramids can pierce wood, glass, and metal.

If you find yourself without ammo, or with a jam, these Melee Pyramids allow you to continue to defend yourself with your KSG with serious results. They will also provide another non-lethal crowd control method available to law enforcement officers.

Designed to be used with the Tactical Barrel Nut, or can be used with the original barrel nut (ring).

Replaces the Mag Plugs that come with the KSG. Designed with hex flats to allow the use of crescent or open end wrench for tightening.

WARNING: The Melee Pyramids are extremely sharp and can cause serious injury if not handled with care. Only Responsible Adults should handle this product.

Only from SMT Tactical, Melee Pyramids for your KSG!

Price: $34.95 (set of 2)

SMT Tactical's  Melee Pyramids & Tactical Barrel Nut Kit

Price: $54.95

SMT Tactical's  Melee Pyramids, Tactical Barrel Nut and Barrel Nut Wrench Kit

Price: $84.95

*Please Note: Our original Barrel Nut Wrench fits the KSG's original barrel nuts which have 4 slots. Current KSG production features 6 slots on the nut. Please specify when ordering.