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KSG Tactical Muzzle Brake 

 Due to demand, the latest offering from SMT-Tactical. The KSG Tactical Muzzle Brake.

Smaller and more cost efficient this version is 3.5" in length and does not incorporate the Choke Adapter feature of our popular Tactical Choke Adapter Muzzle Break. Caution, the machined Tactical teeth are extremely sharp. This unique Muzzle Brake reduces recoil and features sharp teeth that serves as a “window popper” and can be used as a device for non-lethal crowd control . Made from 4140 Chrome Molybdenum and coated with Black Oxide, this combination of Muzzle Brake and Tactical Teeth gives you a multi-purpose tool!

KSG Tactical Muzzle Brake:  $58.50  Limited Time SALE! $31.95

KSG Tactical Muzzle Brake & Barrel Nut Wrench Kit:  $89.95

*Please Note: Our original Barrel Nut Wrench fits the KSG's original barrel nuts which have 4 slots. Current KSG production features 6 slots on the nut.

Purchase the KSG Tactical Muzzle Brake alone...
or purchase the KSG Tactical Muzzle Brake Kit that includes the KSG Barrel Nut Wrench.