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Now Offered by SMT Tactical; Shockwave Folding Brace Assembly with PSD!

Many have asked for it, and now it's available.  What we have here is a folding brace mechanism for the Mossberg Shockwave line of weapons. It enables the shooter to gain more control over the weapon.  And best of all, the folding brace DOES NOT CHANGE the classification of the weapon!

Kit includes:
ATI Folding Hinge
Black Aces Tactical Pistol Tube
Pistol Mounted Solutions PSD!
Associated hardware and foam padding.

This accessory is perfect for the Mossberg Shockwave and has been a long time coming.  Outfit your Shockwave today with this and all of our other outstanding Shockwave accessories!!

** Shown with Optional Accessories.  Weapon and/or ammunition not included in this purchase.**

SMT Tactical Price: $175.00
Currently Out of Stock. Sorry, please check back.