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Trulock Choke set for the Versa Max

All Trulock Chokes are made from 17-4 PH grade stainless steel. This steel has an extremely high resistance to staining and rust. Trulock Chokes are heat-treated to a high strength level (200,000 PSI) in order to resist wear.

We craft all of our chokes on CNC lathes from solid bar stock. Welded tubing is never used. All extended chokes are knurled for easy installation and removal. (no wrench needed).
Extended Choke Remington Pro-Bore 12 Gauge
(1) Slug - .000 Constriction
(1) Modified - .020 Constriction
(1) Improved Mod - .025 Constriction

Your choice of One Individual Choke - $45.50
Set of All Three - $131.95