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KSG Follower Nut Tool w/ 6-point or 4-point Barrel Nut Wrench (Item # 6-H-6)

$49.95 $55.95

KSG Follower Nut Tool w/ 6-point or 4-point Barrel Nut Wrench

As a KSG Shotgun owner you will, at some point, need to disassemble the shell tubes for either cleaning, or to replace the plastic followers with stainless steel shell followers.*  SMT Tactical now presents a tool made specifically for this purpose. The tool has a special radius surface to fit perfectly into the follower nut's curved slot. The supplied bolt is inserted through the tool and into the nut's threaded center hole. After its snugged in, you can use a standard or crescent wrench to back the nut out of the shell tube with no slippage and no damage to the nut.  The Follower Nut Tool is made from 4140 Steel (Rc 28-32) and has a Black Oxide coating.  The supplied bolt is made of hardened steel and accepts a standard allen wrench.

The Follower Nut Tool is offered along with our Barrel Nut Wrench in a handy kit, for those who need to do a full breakdown of their KSG.

*Please Note: Our original Barrel Nut Wrench fits the KSG's original barrel nuts which have 4 slots. Current KSG production features 6 slots on the nut. Please specify when purchasing.

Does your KSG have a 4-slot or 6-slot barrel nut?

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