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KEL TEC KSG Shell Deflector| KEL TEC KSG Accessories (Item # 5-A-4))

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KEL TEC KSG Shell Deflector| KEL TEC KSG Accessories

Official KEL TEC KSG Shell Deflector eliminates one of the top complaints that owners have with these awesome bullpup shotguns; getting their arms burned by hot, spent shells! After testing the deflectors on multiple KSG's and going through hundreds of rounds of 12 gauge ammo in both 2-3/4" and 3", we are proud to be able to tell you that this product does just what it was intended to do. The spent shells eject at a downward angle, never hitting your arm.

Our design is the only deflector specifically made to work with the SMT Tactical Combat Switch. It allows full function of the switch, simply snap your wrist to the side to engage the second shell tube.

Our KSG Shell Deflectors are manufactured from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum that is very durable that resists cracking and will take a combat situation type beating. They areHard Anodized with the SMT Tactical logo laser engraved into the surface, a very nice look. Installation is quick and easy.

 We have both LEFT and RIGHT hand versions. Right handed shooters will normally use a RIGHT deflector. Left handers, a LEFT deflector.


- Manufactured from 7075 aluminum

- Black Oxide Plating, Laser Engraved

- No modifications to your KSG needed to install

- Utilize factory Kel - Tec bolts for installation

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Custom KEL TEC KSG Accessories is SMT-Tactical!


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