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KEL TEC KSG Pistol Grip Plug | KEL TEC KSG Accessories (Item # 6-F-5)

$17.95 $29.99

KEL TEC KSG Pistol Grip Plug | KEL TEC KSG Accessories

Allows you to store tools, spare parts or 2 rounds in your pistol grip!

This plug was developed to match the KSG grip perfectly. It prevents debris from lodging in the cavity and functions as a shock absorbing pad to protect the grip from hard surfaces scratches, or damage from impacts.

This plug also provides an instant secure storage compartment inside the grip cavity.

This is the Grip Plug you have wanted and been waiting for - this is the proper plug your KSG deserves.

This plug is the only Grip plug custom designed and molded specifically for the Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun grip. Some other grip plugs are molded for black rifle grips and have an o-ring glued on. They don't match the contour of the grip and eventually wont stay in place properly.

Designed, Manufactured with pride in the USA.


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