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KEL TEC KSG 4.25" Extensions for use with KSG V6 Muzzle Brake (Item # 6-C-5)

$49.95 $59.95

KEL-TEC KSG 4.25 Inch Extensions for use with KSG V6 Muzzle Brake

4.25" Long Extensions for proper length adjustment for Spike Bayonets and KSG V6 Muzzle Brake! 

These extensions replace your existing ammo tube caps and are specifically made for use with the KSG V6 Muzzle Brake. Make sure your opponent gets the point!

The Ultimate Look for your KEL TEC KSG Accessories with the KSG V6 Muzzle Brake and Spike Bayonets!  These Extensions make it happen!!

WARNING: The Bayonet Spikes are extremely sharp and can cause serious injury if not handled with care. Only Responsible Adults should handle this product.

Best KEL TEC KSG Accessories!  

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