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       The Chaos Warthog Muzzle Break & Door Breacher For Your Saiga 12 Shotgun. 

Chaos Warthog Muzzle Break
SMT Tactical Price:  $75.00

If you are looking for the most aggressive Muzzle Brake on the market for your Saiga 12 or (M22x.75) Threaded Barrel. Look no further. The Chaos Warthog not only looks mean, it is mean. Made from Stressproof Steel, this Brake is Heat treated, and Black Oxide coated . The Wart Hog Features 5/8” spikes for non-lethal force. The side vents allow the escaping gases to push against the 60 degree surface causing a gas channel. This forces the gases to escape up and out.  Features Hardened Spikes for Door Breaching.


Weapons: Saiga 12 & Vepr 12 or (M22x.75) Threaded Barrel
Features: Hardened Spikes for Door Breaching
Number of Spikes: 6
Spikes Length: 5/8”
Length: 3.0” - Adds 2 1/8” to overall length
Weight: 5 oz
Material: Stressproof Steel (Stronger than 4140 Chrome Moly)
Coating: Black Oxide