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KEL TEC KSG 5" Barrel Extension + Tactical Choke Adapter

SMT Tactical introduces a new product for owners of the Kel-Tec KSG tactical shotguns, a new Tactical Version of it's KEL TEC KSG 5" Barrel Extension + Tactical Choke Adapter . This innovative two-in-one product combines the ability to add a choke to a KSG while employing the recoil dampening properties of a muzzle brake. The Tactical Choke Adapter extends the barrel of a KSG with sharp teeth that can be used as a window popper or for close quarters crowd control.  It allows the owners of these shotguns to utilize their own Remington style choke.

KEL TEC KSG 5" Barrel Extension + Tactical Choke Adapter

 Manufactured in the U.S.A. from American made steel, the Tactical Choke Adapter/Muzzle Brake is machined from a solid billet of 4140 steel (Rc 28-32) and finished with a black oxide coating for protection during heavy wear. The outside diameter is first precision ground to size before it is machined to exacting specifications.  The length of the adapter is 5.375” which adds 5” to the overall   length of the KSG.


This product can also be purchased as a kit that includes the SMT Tactical KSG Barrel Nut Wrench. The barrel nut on the Kel Tec KSG shotgun is nearly impossible to remove without marring the finish of the gun. SMT Tactical offers a tool specifically made for removing and replacing this particular barrel nut. Using the Barrel Nut Wrench, the user will remove the nut from the front of the barrel and screw on the adaptor/brake unit. Insert the choke inside the unit and tighten it down with the choke insertion tool provided with the kit.   KEL TEC KSG 5" Barrel Extension + Tactical Choke Adapter



5" Barrel Extension / KSG Muzzle Brake.

The NEW 5" Barrel Extension / KSG Muzzle Brake!


*Please Note:  You will need a Barrel Nut Tool to remove KSG Barrel Nut.  Barrel Nut tool sold seperately.  Original KSG Barrel Nut Wrench fits the KSG's original barrel nuts which have 4 slots. Current KSG production features 6 slots on the nut. Please specify when purchasing.