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KEL-TEC KSG Choke Adapter - KSG 2" Chokes 

The Kel-Tec KSG Choke Adapter is a one of a kind product developed and offered exclusively by SMT Tactical. Made from 4140 Steel (Rc 28-32) with a Black Oxide coating it allows you to add a standard Remington (2" Body Length) choke to your Kel-Tec KSG.

KEL-TEC KSG Choke Adapter includes a knurled surface for easy hand tightening, replacing  the original flats that were machined into the front of the adapter for wrench tightening. The new design has a sleeker look and feel, and hand tightening means no wrench marks that were possible with the previous version. SMT Tactical is dedicated to continuous Improvement of all of our products and services.

After removing the KSG's barrel nut with the SMT Tactical Barrel Nut Wrench simply screw on the SMT Tactical Adapter and insert any Remington style choke. All tools needed to remove the Barrel nut and the adapter, along with instructions are included.  (choke not included)

Contents of the KSG Wrench & Choke Adapter Package.
Once Barrel Nut is removed, install the KSG Choke Adapter.
Install your favorite choke and you're ready to shoot.