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KSG GIG - Multi-Pronged Spear - Available for your KSG!  The Three Prong Gig.                  

The NEW SMT Tactical product, the KSG GIG, is the scariest, nastiest, and most effective added defensive device for the KSG that your money can buy.
KEL TEC KSG Accessories and KSG Upgrades are Designed, engineered, and manufactured by SMT Tactical and American Made!
The KSG GIG is a device that can be used as a defensive weapon to protect yourself from home invaders, or as a crowd control measure for law enforcement, without firing a shot.  As an offensive weapon the KSG GIG is surely a very dangerous tool that will keep attackers at bay if your KSG jams or runs out of ammo.
Machined from 4140 Pre-Hardened steel and Black Oxide coated, this is a well designed, and flawlessly machined, product that looks as professional as it is effective.  
We’ll admit it, this is a nasty looking product. The good news is that he KSG GIG may just make your potential attacker think twice about coming your direction. Best KSG Upgrades for the Most Spear Action!
WARNING: This is a very sharp, very dangerous device. For responsible adults only. Handle with extreme care!
The KSG "GIG" Multi-Pronged Spear for the Kel-Tec KSG!