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KEL TEC KSG Recoil Pad KSG Padded Cheek Rest

KEL TEC KSG Cheek Rest is Padded for Recoil protection.  Finally, a real padded cheek rest for your KSG Shotgun. We know from experience after shooting all day at the range, your cheek feels like it has been punched all day long, well, it has.

SMT-Tactical now offers a padded cheek rest to help with this problem.

The Kydex Cheek Rest is fitted with a ¼” Neoprene pad and offers excellent, cushioned protection. The material is used to protect and ship the most fragile items so the cushioning properties are better than any other material we could find. Neoprene is a closed cell foam. It is flexible and durable, but still able to cushion your cheek. It is also static free.

The SMT-Tactical KSG Padded Cheek Rest can be removed from your KSG for cleaning with warm water and soap.

KEL TEC Recoil Pad and KSG Padded Cheek Rest