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KSG Recoil Pad by LimbSaver Slip-on Recoil Pad for your KSG

LimbSaver Slip-on KSG Recoil Pads truly are the quickest way to reduce felt recoil. Simply slip pad over the stock of most rifles, shotguns & muzzle-loaders for a recoil reduction of up to 50%. These KSG recoil pads are designed to slip over existing firearm stocks without any modifications, and will work with or without factory recoil pads.

KSG Recoil Rad.....Some competitors claim to have higher recoil reduction than our pads. Don't be fooled. Our designs have consistently been proven to outperform every other brand of recoil pad. The LimbSaver has a series of open pockets and braces that allow for compression during recoil.
KSG Recoil Pad LimbSaver Slip-on Recoil Pad