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KEL TEC KSG Single Point Sling Mount

SMT Tactical announces the introduction of the finest bungee style sling and hardware available for your KSG...KEL-TEC KSG Single Point Sling Mount!

The over-the shoulder "Throw & Go" double bungee tactical sling for weapon retention during a breaching action or close quarters combat.

These Slings do NOT use standard off shelf materials.  They are NOT made in China. They are meticulously designed, robustly manufactured, and rigorously tested. Every part of these slings are well made, from the finely tuned Box X Stitch to a very specific high-quality nylon webbing. This is One Tough Combat Sling!  

KEL-TEC KSG Single Point Sling Mount is MADE IN AMERICA!

This proprietary sling style is specially designed to be lighter, stronger, and made to not lose any of its elasticity. It has full size adjustability for all sizes of individuals. Only the finest materials are used so we can offer you a Lifetime Warranty.   KEL-TEC KSG Single Point Sling Mount

Single Point "Throw & Go" Double Bungee Button Sling:

KSG Reversible Single Ring & Pin Sling Attachment Kit:

KSG Ambidextrous Two Ring & Pin Sling Attachment Kit: