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KSG Stainless Steel Followers

If you would like to replace those plastic shell followers in your KSG's shell tubes, we have just the thing for you. SMT Tactical has designed and is now manufacturing, in the USA, stainless steel followers. If you are like us, you too like your wear items to be made of a nice sturdy stainless steel rather than a fairly thin plastic. Now you can use our American made tools to remove the KSG's Barrel Nut with our Barrel Nut Wrench, and then gain access to the shell tubes by using our Follower Nut Tool to remove the the tube's nut. Then simply slide the plastic followers out and slip your SMT Stainless Steel Followers in.

Two Stainless Steel Followers for KSG  -  $21.95
Follower Kit: Two Stainless Steel Followers & Follower Nut Tool -  $41.95
Full Package: Two Stainless Steel Followers, Follower Nut Tool & Barrel Nut Wrench  - $74.95

Left: Full Package
Below Left: Stainless Steel Followers
Below Center: Follower Kit
Below Right: The KSG is manufactured with two thin white plastic followers. one of which is shown below with our new Stainless Steel Followers and one still in it's tube. Notice the new SMT follower inserted in one tube.