SMT Tactical Offers Tactical Shotgun accessories for your KSG, DP-12, Mossberg, and Saiga 12 shotguns

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Our Customers Show Their Stuff !   
Here are a few of the users of our products. They seem to love them !

"Hello my name is Mark.  I had called you very late in the day when you were at the shot show. You were so nice to answer your cell after hours while on a business trip, to talk to me about the Melee pyramid extensions to see it they would work in my unique Application. I ordered them immediately after our phone conversation. Receive them quickly on Thursday on Friday did a slight modification on my flame suppressor, and this is the end result. Thanks for helping my KSG LOOK BAD ASS !!  Will probably save $ by not having to pull the trigger just the look of it will make them run away !"

I received my V6 muzzle brake and it is badass. Also, I haven't sent you the update of shooting my KSG. Well both of my girlfriend sons love it. We had more fun shooting it then our pistols and AR's. Kicks like a mule but is accurate as the Navy's Deadeye laser guided 5" artillery round! We shot Royal double 00, Royal #4, and Fiocchi slug and all performed very well and the KSG ran great.

We did notice while constant shooting, when racking one in the chamber, where I had no problems, but if you didn't act like you where in a combat zone it would jam. I just told her son to rack it good and problem was solved.

We did a complete tear down the following day and it was really dirty but it was mostly manufacturing oil and all, the ammo ran really clean and the barrel wasn't that bad.

The See All Night Sight everyone liked it from the get go. Very accurate!

I am very happy with everything and soon as I get over this damn cold going to install the V6 and run a whole bunch of ammo through her.

Already thinking of buying a DP-12...

Take care,