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See All Tactical Sight - Perfect for the KSG in Combat Situations

The See All Open Sight is the first of its kind in open-sight shooting technology. It’s the only open sight that allows the shooter to see both the target and the sight element in perfect focus, simultaneously -- a clear upgrade from iron sights. It’s the perfect sight for any application where magnification isn’t needed: short-range rifles, shotguns, black-powder guns, and even pistols. And the incorporation of edge-glow material means low-light situations are no obstacle. 

This sight requires no batteries. In addition, it’s actually easier for many people to use than other sights. Simply look through the sight and your eye does the rest – there’s no front sight to worry about and no fuzzy sight element to interpolate. Just place the cross-hair reticle on the target and shoot. And unlike scopes, red dots, or other optical sights, the open design of the See All sight means target acquisition is reflex-quick. Your target never leaves your field of view

For Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns. Mounts on any standard Picatinny rail.


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Quite simply, there’s not a sight available that has the capacity for faster sight acquisition, a must for KSG owners in defensive shooting situations under high stress.

Whether you’re shooting clays on the range, ducks from a blind or deer on the river bottom, you’ll have an advantage when you have a See All sight mounted on your shotgun. Not only are both the target and the sight picture both in sharp focus simultaneously, but the See All sight also compensates for you if your eye is not precisely centered behind the barrel when you shoulder your gun.