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KEL TEC KSG Foregrip

Light weight, yet strong, aluminum composite

KEL TEC KSG Foregrip

The SMT Tdi EVO-HHS is a Hybrid hand stop that can be combined symbiotically with vertical grips to provide a stable shooting platform in the C clamp hold as well as standard vertical grip.
Experience: The very popular C clamp hold is a innovative concept of rifle stabilization, but it is primary effective in stance shooting but when fighting in a confining environment in a Close quarters environment or vehicle operations there is a need to shorten the hold on a rifle/carbine by transitioning to a vertical grip, and mounting a angled + vertical grip is bulky and space consuming.

The SMT Tdi EVO-HHS Combines its self with a vertical grip without taking up space and can be combined with a variety of vertical grips OR can be used as a light weight minimal HAND STOP.
The EVO-HHS Is made from a light weight aluminum composite and it is wider than most hand stops it can also be used as a BARRICADE STOP.

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KEL TEC KSG Foregrip